A senior citizen or a retiree can get required health care coverage in two ways one of them is Medicare Advantage Plans and second one is Original Medicare. Nowadays there are around 58 million people who are enrolled in Medicare and out of those 58 million the 19 million have Medicare Advantage plan. A person will surely be confused after looking at these facts that why large number of people chose both of these schemes. In, this article we are going to discuss Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare so people could get the complete picture regarding these two modes.


The thing is that in Original medical security the federal government is responsible for providing a person’s healthcare coverage.  However, in medical insurance Advantage Plans healthcare coverage is provided via the Medicare-approved private insurance company which also controls the terms and conditions of an Advantage Plan.

Moreover, the medicare advantage plans for 2019 come in many types, but two of the most common types are Health Maintenance Organization Plan (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Another major difference is that in HMO and PPO a person can visit the in-network hospitals and doctors for lower costs as compared to higher costs which are charged in PPO plan if member goes to any Medicare-approved out-of-network doctor or hospital whereas in Original Health insurance a person can visit any health insurance approved doctor or hospital facility.

Furthermore, Medicare Advantage Plans offer you a complete package which surely includes Original Health insurance Part A and Part B and some types also offer Part D Prescription Drug coverage. Health insurance Advantage Plans are also famous for their supplemental benefits which are not covered by Original health insurance such as:

  • Routine vision examination, prescribed eyewear, and also contact lenses for some people.
  • Hearing examination, there are some plans which also offer yearly perk towards hearing aids.
  • Non-surgical restorations along with regular dental examination.
  • Some plans are so generous that they take care of their member’s fitness and hence offer them fitness programs such as gym memberships.

Health insurance Advantage plans are also known for their maximum on out-of-pocket costs. These maximums help members in saving big amounts because member pays some out-of-pocket costs whenever he or she takes any healthcare service but when in same year those out-of-pocket costs reach maximum threshold ($6,700) then plan provider pays all further expenses, but Original health insurance does not contain any such benefits or cost-effective method due to which more and more people are moving towards health insurance Advantage Plans.

In today’s medicine, the prospect of having a daily recreation activity represents one of the main elements that protect the health of the seniors. There are many leisure activities that have been documented as the an indivisible part of the process of maintaining the overall wellbeing of the elderly population. One of those, recreation concepts is the sport golf. This recreation activity can have various health benefits for the retired and senior people. In this article we will analyze the most important advantages that this sport can bring to the elderly population.

The first benefit is that golf can help in the complex process of weight loss. Some European research studies found that an average senior male golfer can burn up to 2,500 kCal while playing an 18-hole round. Moreover, it can be even more beneficial when the seniors tend to not use cart and carry their equipment during the game.

Medicare supplement plans 2019The second notable benefit is that can significantly decrease the chances for potential injuries. This is based on the fact that this unique sport represents a low-impact activity. To be more specific, the game setup is based on a soft and gently rolling surface. Many senior players find this attractive as they can burn calories with a low risk of injury.
Another advantage is that it can stimulate the brain in a way that can strengthen the memory circuits. By being active in this late stage of life, seniors can make sure their brain cells are in a good and solid blood supply, which is essential to maintain a proper functioning of the brain.

Combined with the brain benefits, regular golfing can have a significant impact on the heart health. On that note, it is important to emphasize that any sport or exercise activity can be beneficial since it helps get the blood pumping to the heart. Activities such as walking, carrying the equipment and swinging all increase the heart rate and blood flow. Moreover, it can lower the risk of a stroke and diabetes combined with the broad spectrum of positive effects on reducing blood pressure and cholesterol.  You also must carry the best insurance possible. Get quotes for Medicare supplement plans at https://www.medisupps.com.

The final, but also significant benefit is the fact that golfing can reduce stress. This unique sport gives the pleasure to the seniors of walking in fresh air and beautiful landscape. Also it can be a good socializing platform. Furthermore, it represents a good mental challenge which can directly release endorphins, the natural mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain, which can make the elderly people happy and relaxed.

On a final note, it is easy to conclude that golfing can be good way of staying active and healthy. Through this sport, the seniors have a good opportunity to maintain and improve their wellbeing and overall mental health. By golfing on regular basis, the elderly people can have a good recreation challenge and keeps their minds sharp and ready for the next challenges in their lives.



Retirement is one of the most difficult things that each worker must face. In the beginning, it’s a bit hard to let go of that routine of going to your place of work and start spending more time in your house than you were before, however with the passage of time you get used to it and you realize the wonderful time that You are starting to live.

Medicare Insurance is one of the most important federal initiatives in the United States as it greatly benefits seniors. Thanks to this health program, they are fully protected and have the possibility of facing a medical emergency without having to go through many headaches. Medigap Plans help pay deductibles and coinsurance.

However, Medicare has many things you need to know so you have to be aware of all the benefits it has to give you. So when you have to activate it, you know exactly what will help you.


  1. Plans for you

One of the main benefits that Medicare has for you are the plans. They are also known as parties and go from A to D. Each plan is specialized in a single area and that’s where your coverage acts. Best of all, it is possible to have several plans at once.

First, you find Part A which is totally directed towards the hospital stay, here you find that you have the possibility of covering the expenses in case you have to spend several nights in the hospital due to some medical condition that you have. Then you have part B that covers the expenses of doctors and equipment and exams. If you have a study, you should only use this plan.

Finally, you have part C and D that corresponds to Medicare Advantage and drug coverage. Part C is like a much larger original plan that includes more benefits than you choose and you acquire with a private company authorized by Medicare. Part D covers the medications a doctor prescribes so you can finish healing yourself.

In addition to these 4 plans, you also have the Medigap plans which are available to you to be activated when your initial insurance can no longer cover the expenses.

  1. Monthly premiums

Medicare allows you to pay for your services through monthly premiums. The amount that must be paid is calculated taking into account your monthly income and also the plan you have chosen to have. Most of those who are in retirement love this because it does not break their budget and allows them to be canceled according to their possibilities.

  1. Contact and advice

In case you need to consult something about Medicare, you have the opportunity to consult their website or call them directly. That means you can solve absolutely all the doubts you have with just a click or dial a series of numbers on your phone.

Medicare Insurance gives you many opportunities to enjoy your retirement, you just have to have the necessary information for it so that you enjoy your golden years as it should.